Fantastic. After a major stroke in 2001, Patrick has been the first person to show an interest in helping me improve!  There is NOTHING out there for stroke survivors. I have progressed very well with his help gaining strength, stamina and noting a vast difference in the side affected by the stroke. He has helped me improve my walking and I have managed to walk long distances without pain. My strength and stamina are improving all the time! I am so grateful for the progress he has made for me and will never be able to thank him enough. Physio at the hospital is hopeless! Julia Mumby, age 81, February 2018 I first became aware of Patrick Ansley’s work at a Parkinson's Disease demonstration about three years ago, since then I have been a regular member of his classes for progressive strength exercises. It is remarkable that although Parkinson's Disease is a progressive disease my abilities have not deteriorated during this time. I have seen the benefits of his work with Parkinson's patients, those recovering from surgery and the elderly. His aims to maintain mobility and independence have been well demonstrated, and I thoroughly recommend support for his work. Roger Manwaring M.B.E, age 75, January 2018 Having broken my collarbone, which has not and will never, heal, I returned to Patrick’s classes. His work in strengthening the soft tissue around this break means that I have regained full movement and strength. I am now able to lift and carry heavy weights and push my husband's wheelchair without difficulty. Furthermore, I suffer from a mild form of lymphedema for which I have twice monthly lymph drainage massages. My massage therapist tells me that, since attending Patrick’s classes, my circulatory system has considerably improved. Carol Oddy, age 71, March 2018 Over the last 3 years I have increased in strength, endurance, overall fitness, increased stamina, increased humour and made friends. Come from a 15-year housebound background due to multiple health issues and multiple abdominal surgeries (had been spinally injured during 1st major open gynae surgery). Was exhausted on my 1st session and slept heavily for 3 hours but now I’m feeling hugely better and sometimes do not need to rest at all following the session.  Each session has different impacts on every part of the body. NOTHING gets missed (and I wonder how he manages not to miss a trick!). I have remembered routines to practice at bus stops/waiting in queues and boosted subsequent post-op recover. Barbara Bland, age 64, March 2018
I started going to one of Patrick’s classes nearly two years ago after realising that although I have always walked a lot and kept busy and active I had started to stiffen up a bit and was less supple. I also had constant lower back pain and shoulder pain. The progressively harder muscle strengthening classes have really made a difference. I am stronger and feeling better than 2 years ago and have less back and shoulder pain. Patrick is always very encouraging and enthusiastic and takes the trouble to make each session a bit different. He has me doing routines with a weight that I would never have thought possible for me at one time. I have found his classes really beneficial and am able to face getting older with confidence. Sue Bridger, age 77, March 2018 I find Patrick to be very dedicated to what he does and I’ve found it very beneficial for my fitness and health. Bryan, age 80, February 2018 I have attended Patrick’s classes for about three years. Over many years I have strained my back and several joints. Now I am much stronger and tackle all physical work with confidence I will not harm my joints again. Patrick is an inspiration to me and he really cares for all of us. Carol Manwaring, January 2018 I have been in Patrick’s class for over 4 years. Along with the rest of the class, Patrick’s enthusiasm inspires us to reach new levels of fitness. I have benefited over this period not only in physical strength but also by feeling more confident in myself. Jill Mate, age 76, February 2018 Since joining Patrick’s class I have found body movements much easier and this has been most beneficial. Patrick is always helpful and sympathetic making sure no one overstretches their limitations. So working is a safer environment gives great confidence. I always look forward to attending these classes and since injuries have slowed me down somewhat I have significantly benefited from exercises. J. Leach, age 87, February 2018 I have been attending the gym for 1 year and I cannot speak highly enough of him, he is very professional and helpful to so many people. With his help, I am achieving my goal of getting fitter and losing weight. He is very knowledgeable and kind, he motivates so many people. I have never been in a gym before but he made me so welcome. Ken Mumby, February 2018