3rd Age Fitness

Nature balances growth with decay by setting your body up with an innate tendency toward decay. The signals are not strong but they are continuous, they never stop and they get a bit stronger every year.  The relentless tide of ageing starts in out 40’s and 50’s when our bodies switch into a “default to decay” mode, and the free ride of youth is over.  We may not like the arrangement today but we can’t change nature.  What we can do, with surprising ease, is override those default signals, swim against the tide and change decay back into growth.  The keys to overriding the decay code are daily exercises, emotional commitment, reasonable nutrition and real engagement with living.  But it starts with exercise. To some, it may sound ludicrous but 3rd Age Fitness starts at 40 years old.  So the range of ages I deal with go from 40 to 100.  If a person hasn’t explored their exercise potential before 40 then they can almost be reborn when they do.  The exercise potential I focus on is strength, stamina and suppleness.  Strength training consists of the use of resistance progressively once or twice per week to gain strength.  Stamina training involves daily cardiovascular exercise (walking, jogging, cycling, etc) anything that increases the heart/breathing rate.  Suppleness training involves relaxing and stretching for about 10 minutes a day.

Do you want to:

Increase your strength, stamina and suppleness? Improve your balance and decrease fear of falls? Have the confidence to look after your grandchildren? Live your life to the full and celebrate your 3rd Age?

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19 years as a fitness instructor and personal trainer with qualifications including: Master of Arts Degree - Lifelong Learning Bachelor of Arts - Leisure Studies Advanced Fitness Instructor Level 3 - Adapted physical activity for the disabled person PSI Level 4 - Exercise for the prevention of falls and injuries in older people

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We offer strength training for older adults, personally or in classes. You work at your own level - seated, standing, active. Classes include “Aerobics for All”, “Strength Training” and “Stretching”. “Adaptations that occur during training will allow you to take your strength and balance for granted, as you feel rejuvenated”.